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Working with Deadlines

My #memeMonday post is here.

As a DBA, aside from scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks, we often have projects with deadline to work on. I usually break down my projects into smaller deliverable tasks. For example, a 3 month project may have 3 to 6 deliverables orĀ  tasks, depending upon the type of project. These interim tasks give me confidence that I can deliver the project on time. This also helps me see any potential problems early on which could otherwise impact my final deadline. For each of these task, I try to anticipate and visualize the final deliverable and how it will fit with other tasks of the project and keep on tweaking as I go along. Another important thing is not to keep everything in mind. I write down and document as much as I can. Having broken down big project into manageable chunks, I make sure to address any problem in a timely manner. Last but not least, if all else fell, I do not fail to communicate early on if I am not going to meet the deadline. Not only that, but I also communicate the reason and the action I am going to take to resolve the problem that is sitting between me and my deadline.